5 Most Popular Creative Art Game Apps for iPhone

There are now a lot of games available for download in iOS App Store and most of them become instant hits. Among these are Angry Birds and Candy Crush. But surely, there is still a part of the downloading masses that prefer the less mainstream but equally interesting apps. In some games, there is no definitive victory nor failure. All you have to do is explore and leave the rest to your imagination. These games’ themes are what is commonly known as interactive or creative art. Here are some of them.

1. Alone

This one is seemingly like a survival journey set in space. This game is an endless runner. Conquer caves, rocky debris, rocks, and comets. This is a game which may be fun to play at certain short times within a day. See beautiful environments and be able to hear nice soundtracks. Enjoy a trip in space with your spaceship and play at your heart’s content.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Again, this is an endless runner game. The terrain is similar to the one being used for snowboarding. Notice weather effects such as shooting stars, rainbows, fog, blizzards, and thunderstorms. You’ll notice that the audio is really ambient and did you know that the game’s soundtrack is original?

3. Blek

The game is more about personality and imagination. Basically, you have to shape a line which would enable you to collect circles with colors but avoiding black holes while doing so. Each level has numerous solutions and there’s really not much to master. All you need is intuition. The game resembles modern art and the creators even say that playing the game gives its players an open-ended experience.

4. Creatures Such as We

The game is grounded on interactive fiction. It is based on Lynnea Glasser’s philosophical interactive romance novel. The entire app is purely textual and there are no sound effects or graphics. All you have to do is read and decide what you want to happen next. The setting of the game is in the moon.

5. Device 6

The game is a mystery novels and as you progress in the plot, you have to solve puzzles. In 2013, the game was awarded Best Mobile Puzzle Game. The plot is brilliant with its multi-layered feature while not sacrificing control, plot and puzzles. The game is indeed rewarding and the mix of good music and sound effects is what makes it a win.

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