Avakin Life Art Direction That Makes This a Gem of a Social Game App

The art direction of Avakin Life is the topic of the day. For gamers that want to live out an alternative fantasy life in a virtual world, Avakin Life is destined to fulfill that desire. There are games like The Sims available on PC, Android and iOS so what makes this game worthwhile to play? My answer is that it is the interesting graphic art that appears in the game that seems to hook people in first.


Some people call it a game but many call it a social app. Avakin Life seems to be a hybrid of both. Meeting new friends is easy and making new friends is a fun activity in the game. It is all about being social and acting out yourself or your alter ego.

The game is fully developed 3D polygon based graphics and the diversity of it all is quite amazing. There are many locations and locales that represent anything you can think of. From tropical islands to dry deserts, Avakin Life pushes the limits of the modern devices to accomplish exactly that.

Animation is another art aspect that the game excels at. There are many gestures and moves you can make in the game and even dancing is possible.

Making all this possible that drives the economy of the game is what’s called Avalcoins. These resources can then be used to purchase anything in-game, from fancy outfits to giant mansions of your dreams. Farming for avacoins is a lot of work so many players are raving about Avacoin hacks for Avakin Life.

Only thing that is lacking with the game is that there are no user mods available. Nowadays, modern games rely on user generated modifications to make the game more playable and last longer. Avakin Life would be wise to implement the user mods so players can upload their own graphic arts that represent many objects that exist in the game.

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