Best Drawing Android Apps for Artists

Creating art may be fun as there are a lot of mediums to choose from. Some people who do art as their job are really lucky, especially for the ones who only consider art as a hobby. Now, art has transcended its original form and has merged with technology. Artists can now create art using their devices. Listed below are some of the best Android apps out there according to mobile app experts. You may want to try them.

1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

The app is free but you need a subscription of Creative Cloud. A lot of photographers are using this app and now, they can use the app right at their fingertips. Basically, the app is an extended version of the desktop version. You could edit raw files just with your Android device. There are also a few Lightroom tools included in the app. You could even sync Lightroom in your desktop together with the app.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

The app is valued at $4.99. This version contains a few features from the desktop as well which could be used to enhance your photos. There are painting and text effects, and filter brushes. For hard core editing, you may sync the app with your desktop. Downloading the app comes with a Creative Cloud storage of 2 GB.

3. ArtFlow

The app costs $4.99 as well. It is a paint engine that is GPU-accelerated. There are numerous layers, about 70 tools and brushes, JPEG/PNG/PSD support, NVIDIA DirectStylus support, and a whole lot more. The app has a trial version but if you want all the features, you should pay for it. For those using Samsung devices, the app comes with a Samsung S-Pen support.

4. Autodesk Sketchbook

The app costs cheaper at $3.99. The makers of Autodesk are well-known in the industry and this is among their great products. It takes pride in their work spaces which may go big as a full screen and they have powerful zooms which may reach up to $2500%. They have Dropbox support, many brushes, and other great features. It’s basically a pro art tool at a very affordable price.

5. Clover Paint

This app is a bit pricier than the others at $7.56. It is also considered among the pro art tools. It has a layering system that is complex, drawing implements, transform and selection tools, and even makes use of custom hot keys. With all the complexities, the app may be harder to master but once you have known your way around, the app is excellent for your needs.

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