First Thursdays Art Events Around the World

First Thursdays Art Events usually refer to a festivity every first Thursday of the month where participating art galleries and museums come together to host one big major event. Together, they may offer talks, private views, workshops, and exhibitions. This happens in different places around the world and each one may have a different way of celebrating it. Usually, one gallery handles the entire First Thursday event and if in case you are an artist or perhaps you own a gallery or studio, and you want to take part of this majestic event, all you have to do is to sign up and make sure you open your place every first Thursday of the month. Below is some information about places taking part of it.

1. East London (Whitechapel Gallery)

Located in East London, First Thursdays is celebrated by the gathering of over 130 galleries and museums. Most of them extend their opening hours up to 9 P.M. Whitechapel Gallery celebrates it by hosting their top 5 events and exhibitions. They also offer the free Art Bus Tour and even walking tours.

2. San Francisco (San Francisco Art Dealers Association or SFADA)

First Thursdays has been a known downtown tradition ever since 1993fago. The participating galleries open late and host their own casual open houses. Operating hours are usually from 5:30 A.M. until 7:30 P.M. SFADA was founded in 1972 and it aims to promote ethical practice, scholarship, and high-level connoisseurship within galleries. To ensure that they only promote the best of the best, membership is only by invitation.

3. Ontario (Art Gallery of Ontario or AGO)

The way they celebrate First Thursdays is pretty interesting. Upon closing, they organize a party where food, music, artists, and art combine together to form one big spectacular event. AGO members usually get discounted tickets while non-members pay for a higher fee. So if you are planning to take part of this event, it’s better if you are already a member of AGO and make sure that you are of legal age (19 years old and above).

4. Cape Town

Witness the central city of Cape Town come to life as art galleries and stores open their doors for you until 9 P.M. Lay your eyes on the cultural richness of Cape Town through the galleries participating in the First Thursday event.

5. Portland

Experience an evening of music, art, and wine as the art galleries of downtown Portland offer a one of a kind evening. The main event is usually celebrated between 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. where participants walk from gallery to gallery to view the art exhibits.

Different places may have different ways of celebrating First Thursdays but basically, they promote the same cause which is to unite the art community and to give chance to artists to show to the people the skills and talents that they got. Participate in a First Thursday event and see for yourself the cultural richness your place has to offer.