Free Clip Arts and Media for Microsoft Office

Clip arts and media for whatever your needs are, whether for documents or PowerPoint slides, are easy to find online. Almost all search engines like Google or Bing could instantly provide you with such. Remember though that you should be wary of the copyright of these images whenever you use them.

grey-clipart-iconsUsually, searches for online clip art using the Clip Art pane in Office 2007 instantly direct you to Bing. Upon being redirected here, click on Images. Type in the Search box what kind of clip art you are looking for. For clip arts, it is better to include them in your entry in a way that you include “clip art” as part of your search entry.

Under the drop down menu of License, you may choose between Public domain; Free to share and use; Free to share and use commercially; Free to modify, share, and use; and Free to modify, share, and use commercially.

Remember, it is important to consider these licensing options so you would not end up illegally using somebody else’s work. Once you have chosen which clip arts and media you would use for your files, you are now ready to put them in your document.

Inserting clip arts and media is easy by utilizing the task pane for Clip Art. This is the same feature you use when you search for sounds, photographs, and clip arts. For media, the Clip Organizer is what you need to use if you know already where the media you need is.

Using the Clip Art task pane, point to Picture on the Insert menu. Simply choose Clip Art. In the Search for text box, search for a keyword related to the image you want. You may narrow your search by manually choosing in what collection you want your clip art to be searched. You could also limit your search to clip arts or photographs only. Once you have done this, click Go. Once the results are there, point to the clip art you want, click the arrow on the clip, then click Insert.

For the Clip Organizer on the other hand, you also need to go to the Insert menu. Choose Picture then click Clip Art. Choose Organize clips in the Clip Art task pane. A dialog box for Microsoft Clip Organizer would appear and from there, locate where the media you want to insert is. Point to the media, click on the arrow next to it, then click Copy. In your document, right-click on where you want to position the media then simply click Paste.

Searching for clip arts and media is very easy to do the way Microsoft has set it for you. Even inserting them is easy. So go ahead and put stuff like clip arts and other media in your presentations or files to make them more appealing and interesting.

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