Guide to Becoming the Artist As a Career in The Sims Freeplay

You want to become an artist in The Sims Freeplay? You are in luck because I found a way to choose and level up a career as an artist. There are many questions regarding this little known career and not many people seems to know how to unlock the option to become an esteemed artist. It’s a career that is predicated on your creativity and imagination. To boot, it can be quite lucrative to become an artist in The Sims FreePlay. In fact, it is my primary profession of choice for all my Sims playthroughs.

First, to become an artist, you need to build An Art Gallery. This is why it’s so derailed so many Sims who wanted to become an artist in this game. There is little information about this that Art Gallery is a pre-requisite! Like many other professions, being an Artist in Sims Freeplay requires you to spend 7 hours of work hour. For whatever reason, Artist get paid well in the world of Sims Freeplay. There are 5 levels you can climb up as an artist through the help of the Art Gallery building.

  1. Finger Painter: Need 590 XP to get, which take a couple days of work at the Art Gallery. Once you have been initiated as the Finger painter, you can start earning 890 Simoleons.
  2. Art Student: If you think you have what it takes to become the master Artist, then you will need 905 XP to get to become an Art Student. Despite what the title says, you actually earn 900 Simoleons as well once you become an Art Student.
  3. Painting Restorer: With many days and weeks spent on honing your skill, you arrive at the middle of the road in this popular career choice. It requires a long dedication (1,300 xp) but the reward is all that worth it because you can earn 1,110 money once you attain this level of expertise.
  4. Art Critic: What’s better than being an artist who is creative enough to come up with their own idea and translate in into a physical form? Why, become someone who criticizes other people’s work! In Sims Freeplay, Art Critic is a high level profession that can earn you up to 1,180 Simoleons money. However, it has a steep XP requirement of 1,520
  5. Art Dealer: Finally, the McDaddy of art profession. You spent countless hours in the Art Gallery and this is the end of the road. Instead of becoming a popular artist ready to transform the fabrics of the art world, you become someone slinging arts for sale. It may not be what you signed up for when you decided to become an artist in Sims Freeplay, but it’s a good consolation prize. The earnings aren’t bad either because you can get 1,260 Simoleons but it takes 1,740 Xp to achieve. That’s a lot of Simoleons which can be solved with Sims Freeplay hacks for free money.

An Artist profession is one of those cool and hip professions that everyone wants to be in the real world. In Sims Freeplay world, virtually anyone can become an artist. To accelerate your progress, make sure you pick up the painting easel from the Hobby Shop. It will be under the Artist and will help you make the process of becoming an artist faster in the game.

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