Guide to Getting the Right Crochet and Knits from Amazon

America is a do it yourself nation. Our television stations are rife with networks and shows on how to build a birdhouse to how to turn cornstalks into Thanksgiving centerpieces. We pride ourselves on our ability to make and create. When it comes to the world of D.I.Y., and arts and crafts I have found that my niche is in crocheting and knitting. While an enjoyable hobby, it can be quite expensive.

Guides and Terminology

The most important is to know the language of the project you are working on. Various groups from woodworking to sewing have their own specialized vocabulary. In knitting and crocheting, there is a vocabulary filled with abbreviations. Amazon offers a wide selection of beginners guides filled with pictures and some even with a glossary in the back. Two of the best companies for guides are Taylor and Baker.

Their guides offer picture demonstrations, the basic foundation stitches, and a glossary or abbreviations. The second company is Leisure Arts, an often expensive brand with out of print books, their best guides are the Crochet Stitch Dictionary and the Knit Stitch Dictionary. These dictionary guides offer over one hundred different stitches, a full glossary and picture demonstrations of more complicated stitches. Amazon offers these guides in print for a small fraction of what they are in store. If you want to go green then both of these guides are available for much less through instant download on the Kindle Fire.

Hooks and Needles

The second most important tool the novice knitter and crocheter needs is a hook or a set of needles. These can be procured at any craft store around the nation. However, these stores tend to pricy. Furthermore they may not have the tools needed in the right size for the pattern. Physical stores are limited by the amount and type of stock they can purchase and carry. Over the years, I have used Amazon to procure many of the hooks and needles I have needed for my projects for a fraction of the cost. As a major World Wide retailer, Amazon has the capacity to sell far more products from a vast array of companies.


Finally, the most important item on the novice’s list are patterns. As I mentioned earlier, Amazon is filled to the brim with a variety of patterns and books for all learning types and levels at great affordable prices. Although I prefer blankets and scarves, there are a host of books, video tutorials and, magazines available through Amazon. Many of these patterns are easily downloadable to e-Readers such as the Kindle Fire which makes patterns easily accessible. The important part to remember is to choose what suits you best.

The Amazon Corporation has made our do-it-yourself desire easily affordable and accessible. With downloadable guides and patterns, to high quality brands and tools, Amazon offers the best prices for beginner knitters and crocheters to the well advanced. In the eight years I have been crocheting and knitting, I have discovered that Amazon is the best place to find precisely what I need for that next big project.

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