Nintendo Fans Can Let Their Artistic Creativity Fly with Miitomo Now

Miitomo, launched with a bang recently by Nintendo is quickly climbing up the app leaderboard, both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. According to playd magazin, the app has accumulated over 3 million downloads. If you are a fan of Nintendo games, even if you don’t play it, it’s worth checking out the app just to see what it is all about.

Part mobile game and part social networking app, Miitomo is a unique blend that defies the genre. One of the features that caught us by surprise is the infinite ways that you can use the app to customize your avatar. As expectedly, you use the coins, the coveted in-game currency, to purchase clothing to make your character super-fly.

The fun part of all this is amazing doodles that the Miitomo players have created thus far that are part hilarious, part bizarre.

We’ve compiled the best Miifotos (Miitomo photos) that we’ve seen, that will get your creativity juice flying when you next play this gem of a game.

1. Miitomo Ninjas

Coming at you in 5 flavorful colors. Check out the sweet colored rims on the glasses and the badass goatee!

2. Hey-Ya-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah, featuring He-Man

This famous internet meme has been converted to Miitomo by an unknown player and has gone viral!

3. Pokemon catch’em all!

Pokemon? Miifoto? Combined? Fantastic!

These are just a few we found that were shared from our friends. If you find or create your own funny and noteworthy Miifoto, let us know and we will consider posting them on this page!

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