Tips on Building Community and Fostering Partnerships

“No man is an island” as the famous quote goes. Unless you are antisocial, you really need to interact with a lot of people throughout the entire course of your life and this is inevitable. It is extremely necessary to maintain ties with other people as they could serve as your support group whenever you need help of whatever sort. When you have this mindset of being a people person, you will soon be surprised that you already have a community of peers, whether they are friends or acquaintances. Later on, these people could either make you or break you. But the bottom line is that you need these people to define your existence. But how do you really build a community for yourself and foster partnerships that would be beneficial for you later on? Read on and find out.

1. Choose the right people to mingle with

Think before you act is a classic. Make sure that you make contact with people whose characteristics fit what you want in a person. Getting wrong with this basic thing would only lead to conflict. For example, you need to choose a business partner and you did not consider this. Chances are, you would fight over petty things most of the time and your business would be at stake.

2. Do not mix business life with personal life

Whatever happens at home stays at home. If you need other people for advice, then so be it but just make sure that it would not affect your day-to-day dealings with the people around you. For example, you got into a fight with your wife and you would go to work afterwards. Never ever carry the bad mood with you as it could damage your performance, as well as your relationship with your peers.

3. Maintain your relationship with the people around you

Make the extra effort of setting meetings, whether formal or informal. Whether it is a closed-door meeting or a plain conversation at the sidewalk, make sure that you have time. If you do not have the time, then make time for it. Relationship with other people is like a plant. Not watering it would make the plant wither. Make sure that you “water” or nurture your relationships with other people from time to time because you will never know when you might need their help.

4. Communicate your issues well

It is inevitable that problems may arise in a community. When this happens, communication is the key. Make sure that the parties involved talk about the matter at hand. Then again, set a time for this. It is important that issues are already addressed at an early stage to determine the best possible solution before the situation gets worse.

5. Stay detached

Never ever let emotions get ahead of the way whenever you need to make transactions with other people. Always remember to be logical over things. Sometimes, deciding based on pure emotions may result to negative outcomes. It is better to have a balance of logic and emotion.

The way you form your own community and nurture your relationships with other people really depends on the environment. You may have your own way on how to deal with your own community and that is perfectly fine. There is no perfect formula for this. Just make sure that whatever you do, you are not harming anybody in the community you belong to.